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Creating sustainability

                                                  Surrey Digital Printing- Creating Sustainability

                        "The print industry is good for marketing, it's here to stay, and it's sustainable." 


Environmental responsibility:

  • Surrey Digital uses state of the art equipment which helps drastically minimize waste in the printing process.
  • We use technology to help streamline each step of the printing process to optimize efficiency. 
  • We offer a recycling program to our customers so they can return products that they have purchased from us.  We can then can properly recycle them on their behalf. 
  • We offer thje Wheat Sheet. This paper is made out of the used portion of the Wheat Husk. 
  • All of the paper we use in house is made right here in Canada, sourced locally through a vender out of Vancouver, British Columbia and is FSC certified! 
  • During our consultations, we will always recommend a solution which will minimize waste while adding value to our Customers.

What is FSC-certified paper?
'FSC' stands for Forest Stewardship Council, an organization that works to promote the practice of sustainable forestry worldwide. FSC-certified paper is different from recycled paper, as it's typically composed of virgin tree fibers rather than pre- or post-consumer recycled materials. The wood pulp used to make this paper is sourced from a well-managed forest, and can be just as eco-friendly.

What makes our paper 'sustainable'?
The Forest Stewardship Council defines a strict set of standards that paper products must meet in order to prove that they are truly environmentally and socially responsible. The FSC also requires a 'management plan', which outlines the scale and intensity of logging and renewal operations in addition to long-term objectives for maintaining the health of the forest.

Surrey Digital Printing an Authorized Large Format Printer Dealer and Paper Supplier .
This certification gives our customers access to purchase state of the art Equipment help minimize waste. This also affords our Customers the option to choose paper that has been sourced in an environmentally-friendly, socially responsible and economically viable manner. 


                            Surrey Digital a proud distributor of Wheat Sheet - Social Print Paper

Businesses, organizations and individual consumers now place a premium on choosing products and services that resonate with their values to support the environment. Wheat Sheet saves trees and significantly reduces carbon emissions allowing organizations to showcase sustainability with their customers, employees and community. In addition to the smaller footprint, choosing Wheat Sheet ensures that ancient and endangered forests can continue absorbing greenhouse gases, providing oxygen, maintaining animal habitats, growing plants for medicine and assisting with climate stability.

For more information about Wheat Sheet: CLICK HERE

Surrey Digital Printing- Make a choice program.

We at Surrey Digital Printing have developed a new program to help our clients reduce their environmental footprint. We give our customers an option to print their small format documents on Wheat Sheet vs our standardized FSC certified bond paper at the same cost!