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Oce PlotWave 340- Print, Copy, Scan Solution

The Océ PlotWave 340 plotter is ideal for small workgroups in engineering, construction and manufacturing. This large format system fits in tiny spaces and features an instant printer, A0 copier and superior colour scanner, all-in-one. Reliable Océ technology and sustainable printing design guarantees a long, productive lifetime.

  • 10 linear feet per minute print speed
  • Single all in one footprint is ideal for compact work spaces
  • Easily print and scan with a USB flash drive directly at user panel
  • Convenient top delivery tray with air separation system neatly collates and stacks documents
  • Oce Radiant Fusing technology for instant-on printing, no warm up time, tremendous reliability and very low operating costs

Productivity is essential when printing and scanning drawings. The Oce PlotWave 340 wide format printer lets you print and scan documents right at the printer with a USB flash drive so you don't have to borrow a computer or carry drawings around. The Oce PlotWave 340 even allows you to switch rolls on the fly with automated roll changing, so your job is never interrupted. 

When scanning, digital width recognition is built in.  All you need to do is feed originals in face-up and see fewer scanning errors.  Say goodbye to damaged prints and save your back with the top delivery tray which neatly lays your drawings out neatly and in chronological order. The Oce PlotWave packs a punch as a compact system.

This system is Green. Eco-friendly Oce Radiant Fusing technology is designed specifically to provide the most efficient way to fuse toner onto paper. Say goodbye to time and energy wasting conventional roller-based printing systems which  have long warm-up and cool-down times.

The CAD plotter starts up instantly, uses half the energy of its competitors' compariable systems, makes no noise when it is idling and requires no extra ventilation to keep it cool. A catalytic convertor system ensures that virtually no ozone emissions are produced.

This system is Durable.  The Oce PlotWave 340 is constructed of solid, hard wearing materials that are designed to make this CAD plotter last longer than its competitors' comparable systems.

Essential components, such as the imaging drum and other moving parts are completely enclosed to reduce contamination and wear and tear. High use parts, like the media drawers and panels are made of reinforced materials to provide a long lasting printing solution.

Oce high resolution pico printing technology creates drawings with finer details, sharper lines and text and smooth area fills on this system. The right formula for professional results and satisfied customers who simply want the best of the best.

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